‘Art Flag Bunting’ Project

The ‘Art Flag Bunting’ project promotes and celebrates the artistic talent, creativity, skills and potential of East Belfast and its people, providing a showcase for local talent and community engagement.

The ‘Art Flag Bunting’ project will create participatory, temporary public artworks to be included in Creative Exchange’s ‘Art in the Eastside’ project. Creative Exchange artists will create a celebratory reflection of the many nationalities and personalities which make up the community of East Belfast, to achieve this, we will reach into the heart of the community and work with schools and community groups based in the area.  Through this project we intend to strengthen community confidence of being involved in the arts. The participants will benefit from being associated with a positive arts-related event in East Belfast and highlight the artistic community skills of the area.

The ‘Art Flag & Bunting’ engagement is designed for schools, young people, women’s groups, older people#s networks and community groups delivered in East Belfast.

Belfast is celebrating its 400th Anniversary of the signing of the City Charter, so this project will allow us to look at all things within the period 1613 -2013. The artworks will be based on a celebration of the diverse community of East Belfast.

For participants, this project has the potential to provide a platform to engage with the many cultural and social influences that impact on this community.

Each school and community group will be given the opportunity to have a workshop delivered in their school or community centre. The artist Deirdre Robb will create large-scale outdoor temporary installations, based on the various locations of the participating school’s and community groups involved.