Derick Hegarty, 242 Albertbridge Road, billboard location no. 14


‘Afterglow’ with its rust of reds, blacks and silver, is a mesmerizing glimpse into Hegarty’s inner ether. Elements from his day-to-day life are melted down in the crucible of his canvas and then allowed to coalesce with striking imagination. Scissors and steeples find their way onto the inky outcrops and through the red mists of this scrying pool. These sharp and angular objects planted in the piece with silvers and whites ,strike against the disembodied pools of colour that express Hegarty’s brooding and passionate mood. ‘Afterglow’ is a shifting map that outlines the lucid terrain of emotion.

Click here to view the map of  all our billboard locations.

Artwork available to purchase from the Engine Room Gallery from the 5th of September
The Engine Room Gallery
414 Newtownards Road

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