Barbara Craig, Holywood Road, Belfast, billboard location no. 8


Flying Flags’ is a painting that captures the kinetic energy of flags. Craig’s flags streak and fly, the colours are vibrant and the strokes energetic, bold reds, yellows and blues sail a cool blue sky whipped with white clouds.

Deliberately politically neutral, these flags are akin to the bunting and trimming of a fete or gala. Yet the wind that moves them seems powerful enough to cause the material to blur and merge in places,  even pull free from the string that anchors them. Perhaps an awareness by the artist that even these decorations, strung for their vibrancy and pleasing movement, can transform into other colours and shapes under the right conditions. That it is in fact the storm or calm that surrounds them that imbues them with their identity.

Click here to view the map of  all our billboard locations.

Artwork available to purchase from the Engine Room Gallery from the 5th of September
The Engine Room Gallery
414 Newtownards Road

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