Help Art in the Eastside to win the Arthur Guinness Project


What is the Arthur Guinness Project…

The Arthur Guinness Projects exist to celebrate and reward the next chapter of Irish talent and creativity. They are offering bursaries of up to €50,000, invaluable advice and mentoring to organisations like ours.

Why should you vote for us?

We keep things interesting…

Art in Eastside is the brainchild of Belfast based Creative Exchange Artist Studios. It is a dynamic public art project, the first of its kind to be delivered in Northern Ireland. Through the use of high-quality visual art, Art In The Eastside celebrates the creative positive energy of East Belfast, the community that the artists themselves have lived and worked in for the past 18 years.

We love East Belfast…

East Belfast is in a period of transition and has recently been highlighted negatively through the world media with images of conflict and social unrest. Art ln The Eastside represents the other side of this community, showcasing the best it has to offer and creating opportunities that highlight the community’s creativity and talent.

We want to turn the streets you walk down into an art gallery…

Art In The Eastside can be experienced in various locations across East Belfast, presenting the work of local, national and international contemporary visual artists on a huge scale. An outdoor exhibition and dynamic installations will incorporate Billboards, Adshells, walls, buildings, railings, shopping centres, parks and many other open spaces and places.

We love you…

Art In The Eastside is an urban arts project reflective of the community, celebrating it and rewarding it by combining local work with that of established and renowned artists from across the globe. It brings a burst of colour to daily life, drawing on the uniqueness of the area, culminating in one of the most dynamic art projects experienced in the city of Belfast or elsewhere.

For the kids…

Art in the Eastside will expand upon these initial projects, exploding into a magnificent feast of visual arts alongside engaging temporary public art experiences. Established and emerging arts and visual arts organisations will be approached to be part of the programme. An open national and international call for partners and artists will be made to include a variety of visual art disciplines including: photography, film, street-art, painting, digital art, outdoor projections, performance art, large-scale outdoor prints, green and environmental arts as well as opportunities for delivering, talks, tours, master classes and workshops.

We are going places…

Art In The Eastside has the potential to travel and become Art From The Eastside helping to change perceptions across the world of this vibrant inner-city community and to bring celebration in the face of adversity to the masses.

But we need your support…

How to vote

It takes two seconds to register your vote, just click thisImage

You can re-cast your vote everyday…voting ends on August 23rd so please keep clicking for us.

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