Art in the Eastside

The Art in the Eastside billboard project, is an exciting high profile public art programme run by Creative Exchange Artists Studios since 2010. The project celebrates the people, culture, history and social aspects of East Belfast and brings art to the people, right on their own doorstep.  Art on the Eastside has now become the largest outdoor curated exhibition in the east of the city and the 2012 project will see  a total of 26 billboards and large scale posters, forming a visual arts trail across this culturally neglected part of the city. Combining work from 8 Creative Exchange artists,  12 artworks selected through an open submission process and 6 images celebrating the community, Art in the Eastside III is also  the main visual arts event of the 2012 East Belfast Arts Festival. These pages show images from the Creative Exchange artists, past Art in the Eastside Projects, the successful 2012 open submission artists, as well as all those who submitted to the 2012 project.

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